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Hello! Alexander & Bri here and we are what make up Alexander Francis Films. Together we’ve been filming weddings since 2014 but our professional lives as creatives started in 2009 out of college.

Shooting weddings is the dream job that neither of us knew we wanted but after our first request fell into our laps we quickly became obsessed with composing wedding stories.

Wedding films are fun to shoot because we get to spend one of the best days of a couple’s life with them. It’s really a day filled with beauty in emotion and capturing that emotion & love is honestly priceless in our opinion.

The best compliment you get as a videographer is that your artwork brought someone to tears. Our goal as videographers is not to simply get pretty moving shots nor is it to film the ceremony from start to finish. The goal with Alexander Francis Films is to retell your love story. We’re interested in the journey it took to make it to today, your wedding day.

What are your thoughts and dreams as newly married couple? Our style is made to stand out so that when you revisit our film years later then you’re reminded of the loving head space that you were in the day that you said “I DO”!

Outside of our profession we are a family of four. We love shooting videos of family and spend an unreasonable amount of time outdoors during the summer. Alexander works full time as a media producer and wakes up with a camera in his hand. Bri is more of a graphic artist and is Adobe’s number one fan. From that description, some may assume that we had creative kids as well but somehow we’re raising a hardcore mathlete haha.

Now it’s your turn, let us know about you! Feel free to contact us to request a consultation where we’ll simply chat and formally introduce ourselves. We’d love to meet you and potentially provide our expertise to your wedding.


Best Wishes, Alex & Bri

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