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Why Invest in a Wedding Film?


The big question is: Why do I need videography when I’m already going to have my wedding photographed? That is a legitimate question and we understand that a lot of the times a videographer isn’t the first thing that pops up when wedding planning begins.

Let’s put this thought out there. So far in life what are your memories of your favorite day! How much of it do you remember? Can you relive the overwhelming emotions that you felt? You feel proud and loved and if you could you’d probably bottle this feeling up in a jar for later. Next thing you know it’s the next day, then you blink and it’s your 3 year anniversary. What do you remember?

We pride ourselves on bottling up those emotions that are outwardly expressed on your wedding day. Videography differs wildly from photography because it provides the actions and words that contributed to the vibe of your day. During your first looks with dad, do you remember what he said when he started to tear up? We actually put a recorder/ lav mic on dad so that years later you can hear how proud he was that you’re starting a new chapter.

Also what about the things you didn’t see? What were the guys doing during prep? How did your groom feel and act before meeting you down at the end of the aisle? Our job is to tell the story of how you got to this moment as a couple and we get to use a combination of beautiful visuals, professional audio and natural love between friends and family to create a timeless wedding film

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